Btech provided a development service for independent infrastructure or platforms tailored to the client’s needs. The implementation can be paired with training activities and optional maintenance services.

Project-based with goals and deliverables.

Based on the client's project with the objectives and results in the form of implementation to meet the client's needs.

Based on the number of services or nodes

The calculation of this service is based on the services or nodes that will be implemented.

Custom needs

Btech provides flexibility for customization based on client needs & purposes.

Option Bundle with Maintenance Support

Bundling with managed service is needed if the company want to have the preventive maintenance and corrective maintenance supported by Btech

Option Bundle with training

Training is needed to improve skills that can support, maintain, and manage technology development that has been implemented.

Option Bundle with managed service

Bundling with managed service is needed if the company does not have enough reliable human resources to do day-to-day management, along with the implementation of infrastructure.

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Experienced Team in Implementing Cloud and DevSecOps

Optimum Utilization in Implementation

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