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Are you ready to take your career to the next level?

Join our amazing team and be part of an incredible group of talented professionals! Our team is always pushing boundaries, and we believe in creating a collaborative and exciting work environment where you can learn, grow, and make a real impact. Plus, with some of the most skilled resources in the country on board, you'll have plenty of opportunities to expand your knowledge and develop your skills. Let's work together to create innovative solutions! Come join us on this exciting journey. 

Perks of Being A Part of Btech Teams

Gain practical experience

Build your network

Develop your skills

Get a foot in the door of the Industry

Boost your resume

Learning environment is provided

LMS is provided

Internship certificate

Opportunity for recruitment or placement

Have fun

Our Programs


Student Internship

Are you ready to jumpstart your career? Our exciting internship program offers a unique opportunity to gain real-life working experience and make a meaningful impact. During the program, you'll be immersed in challenging projects, receiving extensive coaching and mentorship support along the way. Not only will you develop your skills and knowledge, but you'll also be a part of a dynamic and supportive team. Join us and be a part of something big! 


Professional Internship

Calling all postgraduate students looking for an unforgettable internship experience! Our Professional Internship Program is your chance to join our team and collaborate with some of the brightest minds in the industry. You'll be part of a dynamic and innovative environment where you can learn, grow, and make a real impact. This is not your typical internship - it's a thrilling adventure that will push your boundaries and challenge you to be your best.  

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Cloud & DevOps Student


Are you a student looking for an IT office that accepts internships?. We open internship opportunities for you students who are looking for internships in the cloud and devops division. If you areā€¦

Deadline : 31 Jul 2023

Are you ready to kickstart your career? Here's how to get started


Applications for this internship program should be submitted one month before the actual date. Finish your applications by filling the form


Within three weeks, we'll get back to you with the next steps


If accepted, you'll be part of a dynamic and supportive team for a minimum of 3 - 6 months


And when you're finished, you'll present an internship report then receive a certificate to showcase your achievements


How long will the internship program last?

The internship program will be held for a minimum of 3 months and a maximum of 6 months. 

What are some of the majors that are eligible for internships?

If you are a high school student majoring in Computer Engineering or college students majoring in IT, you are eligible to join our exciting and fulfilling internship program. 

After the internship is over, will it be recruited?

Yes, if your performance is good, it is possible that you will be recruited to be part of us.

Is there an internship contract?

Yes, there is. Internship contracts are usually for three months. For three months apprentices may not leave without a clear reason.