Our Certified Experts provide Excellent Professional Service in the form of discussion to produce a documented plan to give the best solution for your needs.

Based on man-days and number services or nodes

Project calculated based on the use of the services of IT Experts per day and the number of services or nodes owned by the client.

Technology recommendation based on needs and resource availability

We provide recommendation technology based only on client needs and the number of resources available.

Project planning & recommendation documents

Make recommendations for project plan based on the result of research to client needs.


Based on the client's project with the objectives and results in the form of implementation to meet the client's needs.

Custom needs

Btech provides flexibility for customization based on client needs & purposes.

With Us

Enterprise Standard Infrastructure

Appropriate Technology

Certified Talent

Other Services



Btech provided a development service for independent infrastructure or platforms tailored to the client’s needs. The implementation can be paired …


Maintenance Support

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Managed Service

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